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Thermal~Flow Green Machine Residential Chiller

The Thermal~Flow Green Machine is an advanced Ultra-Efficient HVAC Indoor Comfort System. It is designed around proven technology used in large buildings - chilled water-cooling technology. Thermal~Flow has redesigned and scaled down this proven concept for residential applications.

Thermal~Flow Green Machine Residential Chiller - Single Zone

This system provides remarkable improvements in Operating Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Total Comfort. In the cooling season the system will run most of the time at very low energy levels to maintain comfort throughout the home, providing unparalleled humidity removal for a healthier and more comfortable environment. The homeowner will enjoy a more comfortable home at higher thermostat settings, thus allowing for additional energy savings. The system is designed to offset all of the losses associated with frequent on-off cycling that is common in conventional heating and cooling equipment. Cycling degrades capacity, reduces system efficiency and diminishes a conventional systems ability to remove moisture and maintain a stable healthy indoor environment.

In a residential application, the Thermal~Flow chilled water design has many advantages:
  • Multistage chiller heat pump will provide cooling and heating water in a thermal loop that can service many individual air handlers.
  • On-off cycles of conventional a/c systems are greatly reduced, providing a more stable indoor temperature.
  • Small quiet air handlers allow for multiple zones, better control, reduced duct losses, and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Fractional horsepower motors will move the air very efficiently with little to no noise and use less energy.
  • Unparalleled humidity removal for a healthier and more comfortable environment.

The Green Machine is a residential chilled water heat pump system that can provide total capacity modulation and dehumidification on demand. Our system can sense the humidity level in the space and run in a dehumidification mode that will remove large amounts of moisture without overcooling the space. The system provides the perfect amount of cooling for all load conditions in targeted occupied zones. The outdoor chiller heat pump automatically stages up to more capacity when needed in either the cooling or heating mode.

The Thermal~Flow air handlers complete the Green Machine system. The inside of the air handlers are insulated with foil lined insulation that cannot support mold growth. The variable speed fan control modulates the fan speed to optimize humidity removal and maintain a more comfortable temperature within the home. The small air handlers are designed to promote smaller duct systems that allow ducting to be installed away from the heat of the attic. The multi-zone feature provides cooling and heating only for the areas of the home where it is needed, thus saving energy.

Multi Zone - Thermal~Flow Green Machine Heat Pump Chiller

Our Whole House Pressurization option, brings in outside air that is filtered with a 99.97% efficient HEPA Filter, cooled and dehumidified, or heated as needed. This feature slightly pressurizes the home and controls fresh air ventilation keeping out unwanted air infiltration, humidity, dust, pollen, and pollutants. This fresh air feature along with optional high output UV lights and High Efficiency return air filtration systems combines to give the homeowner superior indoor air quality, and unsurpassed year round comfort.

The advanced multifunction design allows for several heating and cooling options perfect for different climates and applications, and other home energy system enhancements.

  • Multi-zone forced air cooling and heating
  • Radiant cooling and heating
  • Off peak load shifting with the use of thermal storage
  • Heat recovery for domestic hot water
  • Integration with Solar Thermal Panels for heating

The Thermal~Flow Green Machine is environmentally friendly in that it's small self-contained design provides for the use of a small volume of ozone safe refrigerant. The Green Machine is sealed from the factory and does not require the installation of refrigerant piping into the house. This design eliminates most opportunities for refrigerant leaks. The enhanced system efficiency coupled with smaller and longer running compressors reduces total electrical power needs (peak load) and thereby reduces electrical power plant CO2 emissions.

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